Jonathan Cutrell

This is not that


Believing is not adopting. Hearing is not listening. Changing is not innovating. Saying is not being.

Talking is not leading. Silence is not peace. Technology is not inhuman. Memorizing is not learning.

Trying is not doing. Repeating is not diligence. Opinionated is not stubborn. Persuasive is not better.

Louder is not more powerful. Simple is not easy. Difficult is not complex. Activity is not progress. Toil is not success.

Power is not permanent. Pain is not permanent. Pleasure is not permanent. Legacy is not permanent.

Perspective is not righteousness. Seeing is not feeling. Nearness is not intimacy. Optimism is not irrational positivity.

Transparency is not balance. Relationship is not interaction. Innovation is not technological. Culture is not optional.

Written by Jonathan Cutrell, Engineering Manager at Guild Education and podcast host at Developer Tea. You can follow him on Twitter at @jcutrell.