Hello, I'm Jonathan Cutrell.

Engineering manager with a chosen bias for long-term thinking.

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Why Long-Term?

Long-term thinking requires a paradigm shift.

Long-term thinking is a forcing function that powerfully aligns organizations and individuals. Thinking long term means valuing:

  • People over products
  • Character over skills
  • Trends over spikes
  • Norms over exceptions
  • Teaching over showing
  • Philosophy over tactics
  • Habits over heroics
  • Smooth over fast
  • Data over anecdotes
  • Impact over hype
  • Causes over symptoms

Most people have a bias for short-term execution. This can be necessary for survival. Only exceptional ventures optimize for the long-term.

My Values

Prioritize High Leverage

Optimize for the Long-Term; Always Be Ahead Of The Ball

Invest First In My Closest Relationships

Growth Through Learning

Peace in Place and Person - "Go Happy"

Giving Is Sharing; Sharing Is Giving

Cultivate Understanding In Context


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Engineering Manager, Guild Education

Supporting engineers responsible for content delivery services for millions of end users.

Host, Developer Tea

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